Our Supply Chain – CLISEN USA


We work closely with our ingredient and packaging suppliers to ensure that the materials used in our products--from the plastics in our bottles to the ingredients in our formulations--adhere to the highest quality standards and are manufactured in environmentally responsible ways.


We are working to reduce the use of non-renewable materials (like petroleum) across our product line— from our bottles to our formulations.
Our progress so far? The vast majority of our formulations come from renewable-sourced ingredients.


We work with our key suppliers and manufacturers to track the environmental impact of making our products to identify best practices to improve the water, energy and material efficiency of our manufacturing processes.


We're working on reducing the amount of water needed to make our products to only the water that ends up in the bottles. The energy needed to make our products comes from a range of sources, from solar and hydro to coal and gas. On-site renewable energy from wind and solar will help power our new California factory. We also offer financial incentives to our manufacturing partners to reduce the energy used to make our products.

From hands to nose, we got you covered.